Infinity Endurance 2018 - 6 Hour Run - Provisional Results

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Race#Name / Team NameClassLapsBest LapOverallClass Pos
148Jane Van DykFemale1400:04:4111
475Team TLC Mixed Team1200:21:4621
209Newbies Female Team1000:28:4831
337The Gangster Squad Mixed Team1000:23:0932
710Charne FerreiraFemale800:08:3752
1050Gerhard CalitzMale800:21:5151
187Lesley CalitzFemale700:26:0873
1338Worst Game of Tag Ever Male Team700:23:4271
1338Worst Game of Tag Ever Male Team700:23:4271
1497Allison FosterFemale700:28:5473
434Simon Van UytrechtMale600:34:49102
476Gisela De jagerFemale500:29:29115
833Wikus VisserMale500:26:14113
1484Caroline CollingsFemale500:34:55115
717Heidemari BoswelFemale400:48:42147
892Mario MatraiottiMale400:26:45144
897Ronel ScholtzFemale400:55:06147
973Raymond TalbotMale400:38:57144
1293Raymond BoswelMale400:48:44144
236Rachelle LuusFemale300:32:03199
302gerhardt le rouxMale300:19:15197
461Sanet Du PreezFemale300:55:05199
925Leana LourensFemale300:41:12199
229Andries Du PreezMale200:56:49238
656Andries Du PreezMale200:56:46238