Infinity Endurance 2018 - 24 Hour MTB - Provisional Results

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Race#Name / Team NameClassLapsBest LapOverallClass Pos
117Team OBS 4 Team Male5000:24:0311
113Keep-calm-it's-just-Llamacorns 4 Team Male4800:23:1022
104FMSF 4 Team Male4700:23:0733
116The Lab Rats 4 Team Mixed4400:24:5441
604JHR MyburgMale4100:22:3651
371Elaine VermeulenFemale3800:26:4961
138Godrich Toyota Male Team3700:28:3271
758Nicky BooyensFemale3700:28:1172
730Paul FoucheMale3300:26:2192
176Leanne MillsFemale3200:28:12103
982Kasper BesterMale2700:31:19113
128My tjommie is pain 4 Team Male2500:26:17124
281Pieter Janse van RensburgMale2200:31:32134
695Keanan GoodwayMale2200:24:27134
385Renier Du PlessisMale2100:27:42156
996Wiehan CronjeMale2000:24:58167
184Raine LidbetterFemale1900:27:50174
960Franco NiemanMale1700:31:27188
247Riaan CloeteMale1600:29:43199
131Cristen RobertsonFemale1500:33:32205
304Tersha CloeteFemale1500:34:59205
874Herman KlopperMale1500:26:172010
339Michard ConradMale1400:26:582311
837Graham BeusterMale1300:25:502412
346Roger HummerstoneMale1200:31:362513
110Team S.O.C Male Team1000:28:21262
305Lourens BeytellMale900:32:112714
581Christo BekkerMale900:28:592714
648Jan Chris ElsMale900:29:162714
702Cyril John ThompsonMale800:36:543017
174Freddy HoMale700:34:003118
768Carl ScholtzMale700:29:023118
688Leanne BeusterFemale400:41:32337