6hr MTB Cup Series #3 Van Gaalen - 6 Hr Laps - Provisional Results

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Race#Name / Team NameClassLapsBest LapOverallClass Pos
146Rudini Male Team1900:16:2311
346Andries NigriniMale1900:17:3511
100Chainbreakers 3 Team Male1800:18:2731
722Abraham MeyerMale1800:18:0532
845Frederik ButerMale1800:18:0332
265Paul Peter FoucheMale1700:19:0464
918Eugene ElliottMale1600:18:4175
538Mark Van AntwerpMale1400:21:2186
888Raine Tamsin FoucheFemale1400:22:1881
934Steve LangMale1400:18:3086
142Beauties and the beast 3 Team Mixed1300:20:33111
144Omni-Motion Male Team1300:21:31112
360Willie ElsMale1300:22:41118
363Don DangoumouMale1300:23:07118
618Emmanuel John RoccasMale1300:21:50118
754Glen Solomon HoMale1300:22:14118
824Marcel DangoumouMale1300:21:39118
575Aubrey NelMale1200:24:231813
840Nicholas Van WykMale1200:18:311813
287Herman KlopperMale1100:21:472015
802Mervin BailieMale1100:22:122015
900Andre TredouxMale1100:22:492015
304Edward BuitendachMale1000:24:132318
760Celeste ErasmusFemale1000:31:48232
585Rosita BothaFemale700:23:48253
715Jean-Pierre Du PreezMale500:21:022619
320Jean PotgieterMale300:29:502720
417Monde SussmannFemale200:42:15284