Cowhouse Spring Trail Run 2017 - 15 km - Provisional Results

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
1256JosephPokwaneMaleNOT SET01:06:25.01140 - 49104:24/km0.00
713HenkSweersMaleNOT SET01:10:10.82240 - 49204:39/km0.00
1129DamienKuhnMaleNOT SET01:11:48.333Open104:46/km0.00
1155Graham BurnettMaleNOT SET01:14:28.54440 - 49304:57/km0.00
624louisbegemannMaleNOT SET01:16:50.55540 - 49405:06/km0.00
1181elsmariekingFemaleNOT SET01:17:40.061Open105:09/km0.00
951jacquescoetzeeMaleNOT SET01:22:57.77640 - 49505:30/km0.00
1452MarnusCoetzeeMaleNOT SET01:22:59.887Open205:30/km0.00
783HeinDe WetMaleNOT SET01:23:33.99850 - 59105:33/km0.00
1067TessaLefrereFemaleNOT SET01:26:13.6102Open205:43/km0.00
1064SusanVan ZylFemaleNOT SET01:29:30.7113Open305:57/km0.00
952EdmundFerreiraMaleNOT SET01:29:32.112950 - 59205:57/km0.00
733JaneaneWattFemaleNOT SET01:37:42.1134Open406:30/km0.00
456JohannCloeteMaleNOT SET01:37:45.0141050 - 59306:30/km0.00
994AnuschkaLotteringFemaleNOT SET01:38:38.2155Open506:33/km0.00
987TobieReynekeMaleNOT SET01:45:16.4161140 - 49607:00/km0.00
490CamilleCastelynFemaleNOT SET01:46:45.1176Open607:06/km0.00
1174japiejansen van rensburgMaleNOT SET02:02:35.1181250 - 59408:09/km0.00
1198yvonnejansen van rensburgFemaleNOT SET02:02:39.319750 - 59108:09/km0.00