Mango Mania MTB Race - 5 km - Provisional Results

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
12AidenElmendorpMaleNOT SET00:19:59.1111 to 12115.01km/h9.00
586DJPieterseMaleNOT SET00:20:47.1221 to 12214.43km/h13.13
669RachaelMcIntoshFemaleNOT SET00:24:14.6311 to 12112.38km/h17.27
288BelindaMcIntoshFemaleNOT SET00:26:08.05236 to 49111.48km/h25.53
196TokeloNyakaleMaleNOT SET00:26:08.0431 to 12311.48km/h21.40
276GuidaDa SilvaFemaleNOT SET00:26:46.86350 to 99111.21km/h29.67
893MelindieKrugerFemaleNOT SET00:33:51.1741 to 1228.86km/h33.80
421MarisaKrugerFemaleNOT SET00:33:53.98536 to 4928.85km/h37.93
181Bodienvan der MerweFemaleNOT SET00:37:26.59619 to 3518.01km/h42.07
927Rileyvan der MerweMaleNOT SET00:37:28.11041 to 1248.01km/h46.20
103IlzeBekkerFemaleNOT SET00:49:34.611736 to 4936.05km/h50.33
101HanneTheronFemaleNOT SET00:57:29.912836 to 4945.22km/h54.47
345CarmenTheronFemaleNOT SET00:59:04.613913 to 1415.08km/h58.60
110JakkieTheronMaleNOT SET01:00:22.514536 to 4914.97km/h62.73