Cowhouse Cross Duathlon 2018 #2 - Solo Bull - Provisional Results

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
1222IanVan Der Walt MaleNOT SET01:55:57.31140 - 49103:58/km6.00
1200Pierre ErasmusMaleNOT SET02:03:08.42220 - 29104:13/km7.97
1072NielMullerMaleNOT SET02:06:37.13340 - 49204:21/km9.94
1455TiaanStultingMaleNOT SET02:10:28.24430 - 39104:28/km11.90
634BradCowieMaleNOT SET02:13:28.85530 - 39204:36/km13.87
720GraemeChalmersMaleNOT SET02:13:54.76640 - 49304:36/km15.84
851LelaniJoubertFemaleNOT SET02:14:51.87140 - 49104:39/km17.81
222Xander Dreyer MaleNOT SET02:22:51.18716 - 17104:54/km19.78
1198KerryMoseleyFemaleNOT SET02:23:49.09220 - 29104:57/km21.75
1457LeanneMillsFemaleNOT SET02:26:37.510320 - 29205:03/km23.71
664WayneCogleMaleNOT SET02:27:45.511830 - 39305:04/km25.68
844EvanOlivierMaleNOT SET02:38:36.812930 - 39405:27/km27.65
292RynierShieldsMaleNOT SET02:38:41.0131020 - 29205:27/km29.62
1286PeterBrookMaleNOT SET02:40:54.7141150 - 59105:31/km31.59