Cowhouse Cross Duathlon 2017 #3 - Solo - Standard - Provisional Results

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
1112HannoErweeMaleNOT SET01:31:49.81114 - 19103:09/km6.00
483RichardHowardMaleNOT SET01:33:37.62240 - 49103:12/km8.95
348JohanErweeMaleNOT SET01:34:53.33350 - 59103:15/km11.90
978MatthewWilkinsonMaleNOT SET01:37:36.74414 - 19203:21/km14.86
404NeilBuckleyMaleNOT SET01:51:29.95540 - 49203:49/km17.81
1224RamonLipparoniMaleNOT SET01:52:02.66640 - 49303:51/km20.76
143Moniquevan NiekerkFemaleNOT SET01:52:36.671Open103:51/km23.71
704CraigErweeMaleNOT SET01:55:46.78714 - 19303:58/km26.67
539NadiaMatthysenFemaleNOT SET01:55:50.992Open203:58/km29.62
341MarietteKempFemaleNOT SET01:58:23.910314 - 19104:03/km32.57
542Sylviadu RaanFemaleNOT SET01:59:50.711440 - 49104:06/km35.52
171BelindaGuassardoFemaleNOT SET02:15:12.012540 - 49204:39/km38.48
1477sonetteventerFemaleNOT SET02:15:17.1136Open304:39/km41.43