'BoutTime history & what we do

BoutTime was established during 2015 and originated from a software development company called NCCE(est 2005) with staff who had passion for sport for over 23 years. A simple charity event kick started the whole idea to create our own timing software. Using our existing infrastructure & collective knowledge over the past 17 years we created timing software that will meet our sporting requirements and address the lack of features other timing companies couldn’t offer. The drawback most other timing companies have is to address the fact that they don’t own the timing software as it is provided by a 3rd party international company together with the timing equipment or that they don’t have access to a senior software development team. BoutTime has both!

We consolidated all our knowledge for the first roll out and decided on a few essential features which were not negotiable. Our essential list for our first roll-out consisted of the following basic but important items to address in order to offer REAL-TIME results:

  • Cloud based system (99% of all the races except where there is no reception whatsoever)
  • Live website results
  • Instant SMS results within seconds when the athlete crosses the finish line
  • Instant TV results at the Finish
  • Easy to use entry portal
  • Do you want to use your own or another entry portal, no problem. We accept all entry portal file formats.
  • Fast registration process with even a mobile applications to work that late entry queue through on events of a 1000 participants or more
  • Mobile applications for in-queue registration processing, MC commentary software & finishing participants with the using of mobile phones
  • Our disposable RFID timing tags can be custom printed for your event. Giving your brand and sponsors extra exposure.

Our focus still resides with the experience of the athletes and our software is compatible with all timing hardware, so we encourage timing companies to use our software if they would like to do so and offer the participants a great, limitless experience.

We offer our complete solution mentioned above at ALL our events – no exception…no matter how big or how small. Don’t believe us, well contact any of our event organisers who we have worked with in the past or attend any of our races.

“Thanks BoutTime for the timing at the Platberg MTB Race…before I could remove my glove to congratulate my son at the finish line both of us received our results via SMS on our phones. Impressive!”

Our software preview
As the co-event partner, together with WildTrail SA, we hosted the FIRST FREE MTB race in South Africa in 2016 called the Mahala Magic. Because we host our own events we know how sport events work and can provide organisers with expert advice & products in the following areas:
  • Entry portal with secure payment methods
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google SEO, bi-monthly Newsletters to our followers, event spesific web page design & marketing
  • Trail Building, Trail Marking & proper route planning to prevent bottlenecks, accidents etc
  • SMS updates to participants for instant notifications regarding registration, race or weather changes
  • Race boards or trail running cards
  • Brand Activation & event branding from flyers, fence wrap, Gazibo's etc
  • Queue management during pre-registration & late/line entries for large events with the use of mobile devices (participants receive their race pack while waiting in the queue)
  • LIVE Timing
  • Medics
  • Medal design & manufacturing
  • Crowd Control
  • Event Audio
  • MC Arrangements (From affordable to well known MC's whichever suites your budget)
  • Craft Beer, food & cooldrink stands
  • Speed fence, marque tents & event hiring
  • Route Marshall's, Motorbike Marshall's & Sweepers
  • Farm access
  • Charities
  • CSA Sanctioning, SASeeding, GNC & MySOS
  • General advice on any inquiries the organiser might have based on our pass experience & expertise.
  • Mountain Biking
  • Trail Running
  • Enduro Motorbike races
  • Triathlon's
  • Duathlon's
  • Stage races (Mountain biking & Trail Running)
  • Horse Triathlon's
  • Cross Duathlons
  • Beer Runs
  • Horse Races
  • MTB Time Trials (aka prologues)
  • *** New - Drone racing