Focus on your event while our dedicated teams put your VALUE ADDED SERVICES into "one-basket"

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  • SMS Marketing Campaigns

    Prevent emails landing up in spam boxes and use our SMS marketing platform to push messages to the correct athletes in order to notify them of your event. We also push event changes and notices through this platform to inform your athletes of any changes or news articles.

  • Specialised Integrated Results for our VIP clients

    If you are a prestige event owner and want our LIVE results & splits integrated into your own website with your own styling, design and requirements, our development team will gladly develop your integrated results for your sporting events company for your website. When we're done you will only have to add one line of code onto your website which we will provide you with, as simple as that.

    Here's one of our examples: Joberg2C

  • Automated Certificates

    Most athletes wants to have a memento to remind them of their achievements, which race they did, when it took place, where it took place & how they ranked against their friends & family with the event. Our integrated certificates achieve exactly that.

    Simply click on the printer icon next to the athletes name to download a demo certificate. Here's one of our examples: Suzuki Kids Like 2 Bike

  • Custom Branding

    Brand Activation & event branding from flyers, route markers, fence wrap, Gazebo’s etc. We can brand anything for you in order to help you to make your event stand out from other events. The limitations what we can brand for you lies within you, the organizer.

  • Medal Design & Manufacturing

    If you need help with designing and or the manufacturing of unique medals to suite your event, look no further as we can help you. Medals draw athletes to compete in events as well as to show off their accomplishments. we are more than willing to assist you with creating an unique medal and experience for your athletes.

  • T-Shirts

    We design & produce any merchandise you can think of, we liaise with the manufacturers on your behalf and ensure that everything is completed on time. From T-Shirts, caps, buffs to jackets & gifts.

  • PA System with Wireless & Wired Microphones

    Why waste time to contact various service providers for the most used item at an event, which is a sound system & mic. We own various high-quality sound systems which we simply "add to your cart" and bring to your event. Our team is trained to set it up & provide your MC with basic training how it works, how to play your playlist during the event and keeping your athletes entertained.

  • Finishing Arch

    Your finish line looking dull? No problem, we will provide you with a finish arch to inspire the athletes to have a sprint finish and making your event looking PRO.

  • Long Range Two-Way Radios

    Sometimes it is really very difficult to communicate with your race village staff as well as trail team on race day, especially if you have a large race village, registrations being far from the start or difficult accessible trails. We have various long-range, high quality two-way radios to assist you with event communication during your event. Keeping your whole team on the same page.

  • Craft Beer & Cider on Tap

    On the request of the organizer we sell beer to the supporters as well as the athletes of the event. Especially after the athletes have competed, they can relax with an ice-cold craft beer which creates a warm atmosphere while they can cool down and talk about the great event with friends and family as they wait for prize giving.

    We also offer a substitute to those who do not drink beer. Athletes and supporters do not have to be left out when everyone is enjoying a cold drink after the event, instead they can enjoy an ice-cold craft made Gin & Iced tea.

  • Coffee Stand

    If you crave great coffee, you’ll love knowing that we provide a real alternative to chains with handcrafted coffee and espresso drinks.

    “We grind for you”… our local baristas know that great espresso takes more than pushing a button. We work hard to deliver great taste while also providing knowledgeable service, perfect if you just want to try something new.

  • MC Arrangements

    We can help you the organizer from affordable to well-known MC's whichever suites your budget. No matter the event or size MC’s always brings that energy with them, whether it is to hype up the athletes or to entertain the crowd they always offer something special. We can help you bring this kind of MC’s to your event.

  • Medics

    We can organize medics for any of your events. Whether it is endurance, stage, single, triathlon and duathlon events we can get the right medics for the specific event.

  • Professional Waterpoints

    Take one of the biggest headaches away from sporting event by using our Waterpoint Crew to manage your hydration stations. They are very skilled navigators so by simply dropping a pin they will reach your waterpoint(s) with their own 4x4, tables, gazebos, team & water. You can provide the crew with any additional items you want on your waterpoints such as jelly babies, Coke, bananas etc. They will setup the waterpoints, serve the athletes and break the waterpoint down when the last athlete comes through, leaving the area spotless and the farmers happy.

  • Backup Power

    If your event is based in a remote area, we can provide mobile power anywhere, anytime. With the use of our generators & UPS's there's no place too remote for you to host a race village, waterpoint or race office.